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X. ARI is a queer Alt-Pop singer, writer, and mental health advocate, WisdoMania Fest & WisdoMania Foundation founder from Toronto now in LA. Her life motto is all about turning “Pain Into Power” through art and self-care. Having comorbid mental health challenges is not her identity, but her superpower. X. ARI’s visceral lyrics transmit messages of hope as often as they ponder tragedy. Her sound comes to life in the middle. Her 5th EP “Anja”, dedicated to her first ever girlfriend, came out on July 23, 2021. Her 6th EP is slated to release in July, 2022.

It is X. ARI’s mission to use creativity to empower and raise awareness by using her platform to encourage others to turn their Pain into Power by finding their conduit for healing. Her goal is to make a global impact as an artist, songwriter, advocate, and public speaker to spread her message, light, and self-care tips to help heal the world.

On May 15+16th X. ARI is hosting WisdoMania Fest, a virtual immersive mental health & arts festival with live music, film, comedy, self care sessions, and creative workshops. Get your early bird tickets now! 

X. ARI aims to spark open conversation, connect like-minded people and provide healing support throughout the month that participants can utilize in the future. She hopes to normalize mental health and create an environment where everyone feels accepted, supported, and seen.

Learn about WisdoMania Foundation, X. ARI’s 501c3 non-profit, which offers free Songwriting for Wellness workshops here.

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