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Pain into Power

X. ARI launched her ‘Pain Into Power’ campaign for mental health awareness in 2018 with the release of her 2nd EP ‘Dis-Order’, launch of her Self Care Line with partial proceeds to Canadian youth mental health network Jack.Org (Pain Into Power Reflection Journal, Pencils & Soy Candles), and Self Care Tips.

X. ARI continues to advocate for mental health awareness through her music. In 2019 X. ARI released her 3rd EP “Uni-Fi” and celebrated the release with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). In Oct, 2020 she released her 4th EP “As You Are” in support of Mental Health Month. X. ARI speaks at schools about mental health and her story with NAMI.

Her single “Don’t Choose Heaven” was just released on Sept 9, 2022 in dedication to Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in collaboration with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention LA. Her 6th EP “Pain Into Power” is out on Oct 10th in dedication to World Mental Health Day.

X. ARI‘s goal is to spread love, light, empowerment, and emotional healing through her message so she has made it her duty to uplift and help people feel less alone on their healing journey by sharing her own.

Get your own Pain Into Power journal to start transmuting your burdens into blessings today! For every purchase made 10% is donated to Jack.org.

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